Monday, April 29, 2013


Joel: you have decided that you will not get your hair cut, and that you would like it to be as long as Captain Jack Sparrow. I love that your imagination, and fascination with pirates is still present at seven
Eden: happy birthday beautiful
Amie: a cheeky cake grin, and lots of talking about the "free [three] candles" you will have when it's finally your birthday

This week I loved Sarah's far & near captures, and Jody's faceless flower wielding beauties.
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  1. Gorgeous captures! Happy birthday Eden! xo

  2. Such beautiful captures!
    Love that Joel wants to grow his hair..having short haired boys at that age was unheard of in our home.
    Eddie looks proud as punch to be five..she is looking so grown up these days.
    That smile of Amie's is heart melting!

  3. Man, your kids are cute! I'm loving Joel's hair. Too sweet!

    Brandy Jane Mabel

  4. Oh Em your children are just so gorgeous! And you have captured some amazing's like I know their personalities just from these photos! Your middle daughter looks so proud to be 5!!! Wonderful! xx

  5. ooh I have a long haired boy too (as you've seen in my pics) - can't imagine him any other way (and don't want to either!)
    eden's face is priceless - what a happy, proud moment!
    and that cake smile - delicious! xx


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