Thursday, March 21, 2013

tea with me {the link-up)

Hi friends! How are you? I've missed you! It feels like a long time since we had a tea, doesn't it? I've been a bit absent from this space, preoccupied.
If you were to tea with me this week, I would be so grateful for your company. More than usual!

I have been a hermit lately.

And autumn has definitely arrived!
I would have to agree with Donne when he wrote:
No spring nor summer beauty hath such grace as I have seen in one autumnal face.
I have loved studying Renaissance poetry the last few weeks, but I must admit it has been exhausting to analyse the meaning behind every beautiful stanza. 
Let's just let the words roll off our tongue shall we? 
If you were to tea with me this week, I might even recite Shakespeare's Sonnet XVIII. Yes. That is how much poetry I have been studying.

Hopefully the weather would be rather autumnal, when you come to tea, and I would serve you a bowl of my steaming hot minestrone soup. With crusty bread. I'm a sucker for crusty bread.

I spent most of last week holed up in the space above. I find studying on my bed so much easier and more comfortable than at a desk. And I had the company of a two year old, and lots of Peppa Pig. 
We finally handed in my first essay on Friday. And when I say we, I do mean that Amie's devotion to ABC iView was crucial. She shares in my every success! 

Thankfully she doesn't share my fails. I have had two this last week.
My autumn blanket has gone pear-shaped. I somehow added more rows than I should have, after I changed my method. And the Indiecat chewed a hole in the middle of one square. I've lost the love. I want to tear it to shreds*

The second, an opportunity I had to share my faith, to a young girl cutting my hair. 
She really could have done with some Hope, and while I sympathised, as we chatted I knew I should have been giving her more than my sympathies. 
And I could. not. force. those. words. out.
I left, sick to my stomach. Knowing I'd failed. Feeling like I was given an opportunity on a silver platter, and instead of taking it, I'd swiped at it without looking. Opportunity went tumbling to the floor.

So, I have spent the past few days wondering. 
Wondering why it was I couldn't share my faith.
Second guessing myself, my beliefs (because really, if I did believe what I say I do I should have jumped at the chance to tell her)
It's what I've been telling myself. Condemning myself, rather. 
But you know what? He's not the God of a second chance, but the God of another chance. And another, and another. 

I am so ashamed at times of what Christianity is, what it was...
Ashamed of so-called Christians picketing and hating and judging and bickering. Ashamed of the hypocrisy and even what has been done in the past in the name of Christianity...
But I'm not ashamed of Jesus.
Not ashamed of the One who tells us to reach out to others, and offer them hope. 
The One who lived an example for us, and showed us how to feed the hungry, look after the lonely, befriend the broken.
If you were to tea with me today, I'd tell you that. 
Even if you don't share the same faith, I'd have the courage to tell you that. 
Because without Him, I'd be the lost, and the broken. He's my Hope.
"We have this hope as an anchor for the soul. Firm and secure..." Hebrews 6:19
It seems even more important to tell you that, as we start to celebrate Easter. 
How do you celebrate?
We have already eaten our share of eggs, and bunnies, thanks to my husband's massive chocolate addiction! He says he must get as much Red Tulip chocolate as he can, before it leaves the shelves for another year.

So what's been on your heart? 
I'd love to know.
Would you have me join you for a tea? 
The linky stays open for one week. There's no rush, I'll join you when your kettle has boiled!


*slightly dramatic, I'll admit.


  1. Hi Em, I'd be there in a shot to have a cuppa with you. Grace...His empowering strength and favour...undeserved. You have it already and when you believe it when talking to people you'll be bolder than you ever dreamed. I fully agree with what you've said and sometimes it is actually wiser to say nothing. I hope your study will pay off shortly too. Sounds like the blanket needs some urgent reconstruction, we all have projects like that from time to time, at least with yarn, it never goes to waste. the length of this comment we've almost had a virtual cuppa together..have a good day!

  2. Oh Em, I think I need a real cuppa with you today. I even dusted off The Bible this morning as my son is asking heaps and heaps of questions about God and I just really am needing His guidance on this one! I love your passage for today and yes Easter is a wonderful time to reflect on the message Jesus gave us xx

  3. Hey Em, looking forward to 'teaing' with you a bit later. Man, if we had a real tea today I reckon my husband would have to come and find me at dinner time cos I think we would still be going! I could talk to you for hours - especially about the stuff that is on your heart at the moment. I have had similar experiences in the last week which has forced me to have a real think about what it is that I believe and how to present it as the truth that it is. I have dug around in my bookshelf and have flicked through a few chapters of the Bill Hybels book 'Walk across the room'. It is really good about present day evangelism (without being weird), talks about the power of 'your story' etc etc. If this was a real tea I'd go and grab it for you :)
    The good thing about your hairdresser is that you'll always need more haircuts! Have an awesome day Em x

  4. This post was so encouraging Em, and so real too! I find it hard to be 'open' and honest with others at times as well …
    Thank you for sharing! xx

  5. Oh I am so looking to tea-ing with you for real soon lovely.
    I think we all have times where our faith is tested and while you may not have shared what was on your heart with that girl just know that being in your presence would have left a tremendously positive impact on her. Maybe you were just the ear that she needed?
    I am currently reading 'Walk across the room' if you would like to borrow it after me :)
    See you soon.

  6. Em you are amazing and everyday right here you share with such beautiful love really shining and sharing the love of Jesus through you. We all have a bag of missed opportunities in our lives when it comes to our faith. I try to remember that it is Jesus who saves really and not me for He is bigger and he will miss no one even if I miss it! This is the power of Jesus love. You may never know how your beautiful heart just being beautiful and pouring kindness and love without mentioning Jesus once may have impacted her and be a work in Jesus hands anyway for this person, right now. We forget how differant and set apart we can be from the rest of the world to others because of our faith. You truly are beautiful and bring the beautiful. I am blessed because I know you through this site. xxx

  7. What a beautiful quote from John Donne.I love this post of yours Em. I'm sending myself off to sleep now but I hope to comment properly tomorrow. Thanks gorgeous! xo

  8. O, Donne - one of my big loves! you've inspired me to re-read! And I'm always up for a Shakespearean Sonnet! I am feeling a little tug of envy at your renaissance poetry immersion - but am so glad you've inspired me to open up my poetry books. Strange how there can be such sharp, piercing, beauty in just a line!
    I think I will be repeating the verse from Hebrews all day (possibly all week!) 'We have this hope...'
    Thank-you so much for the cuppa!

  9. I love your tea with me link up. So lovely:)I'm going to read up on it some more and join in, if that's OK with you? I had a feature last year and the year before that I used to do weekly called Tea & Toast. I'm just revamping it u and changing it around a bit. it's different to your link up but I love the whole concept of sitting and sipping tea. Makes me feel so cosy:) And I notice that the lovely Carol and Tammi are here too and they are lovely:) Just sayin';)

    I also wanted to say that so many times I fall short with sharing the gospel. Too often. But one thing I know is that He is gracious and merciful to all His people and He won't let any of them go by the wayside. That gives me much comfort. It's not all about me and my 'preaching the word' but Him in His grace and Mercy. Thankfully:) x

  10. You are beautiful. Your words touch my heart. If I could tea with you i would tell you to be kinder to yourself, and to not judge yourself so harshly. You are so much gentler on others.
    One day we will sit and talk, and have so much to say xxx


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