Thursday, March 7, 2013

tea with me {and the missing toddler mojo}

This is the bench my regular tea-loving visitors sit at.
I love the way the kitchen really is the central part of this home; the thoroughfare from here to there, and back again. An open space, overlooking the front yard where the smalls often play. I have the perfect view of it from my bed, and the perfect view of my bed from the kitchen, which is perfect really because both are rather pretty.
Mostly, I share this bench with the three smalls. They sit on these chairs, backs towards the window, and I sit there, facing them. If I am lucky enough to actually sit of course.

If you were to tea with me today, I would have the windows wide open. 
The days are still warm, but not too hot. There is the faint scent of autumn, of cool, of the freshness that only this time of the year can bring. 
I'd tell you it's my favourite season.
I'd wistfully share that I can't wait to wear my brown boots, and cardigans and tights, and visit this very favourite place because it's always my favourite at this time of the year.

What will you have to drink? I finally stocked up on T2 Chai, which I think are the very nicest chai tea leaves I have been able to find. Will you have one? I'll put on a little pot, and I will use the coffee machine to froth the milk, and I'll dust the top with cinnamon sugar. I have honey in mine too. It's my latest little treat, something to look forward to during the day.

Which will bring me to my next point.
During the day.
Amie and I are still finding our mojo, now that both her big brother and sister are in full-time school.
We miss that big sister. 
And it's been a long time since I was at home alone with just a toddler.
And I seem to have lost my mojo!

It's hard work keeping her entertained, occupied, busy and happy.
Without the use of the iPad that is, or ABC Kids.
I don't want to be the mum that uses tv as a babysitter. But I've been lazy lately, and I find myself turning a blind eye at those times I should be a little more proactive. 
I mean, we've made playdough. And that has continued to keep her busy, and having fun.
We've made trips to the library, where we read some stories, and do some puzzles, and choose some books to bring home.
And we do the usual visiting of friends, and the ballet class once a week.
But it's those days at home, the long, drawn out days. Where I would like to be busy with housework, and am often distracted or find the both of us bored. Help!
Am I the only boring mother?! How do I make those days fun for the both of us?!
What do YOU do with your little one/s?!

Sorry for the vent. I'm sure as we chat we'll find encouragement over our spicy brew, and chat about our latest crafty endeavours. I'm crocheting a blanket I've called my Autumn Blanket, inspired by this Dottie Angel blanket, which I actually began last winter, but have been inspired to pick up again thanks to Sandra.
It has been a very naughty distraction from an essay I should be writing.

What have you been crafting? What has been on your heart?
Did you tea with Abbie the other week? She made chocolate cheesecake and shared a cuddle of her beautiful nephew.
What about with Leah? My heart was in my throat and we shared a few tears, but really, that's what tea is for... it seems to provide space, and stillness to share candidly. 
Awakens us to our humanity, fragility. But also to a strength in knowing we're not alone in this humanness.
And I know when I come to a place where I admit this to myself, I become even more aware of my fallenness, and need for so much more than this.

Tea can be deep.

Or it can be lighthearted and lovely and fun.

What would tea with you be like this week? I'd love to join you, put the kettle on please!


{The linky is open for a whole week. No one is late to tea, join up whenever you're ready!}


  1. Em's I just love Tea with Me. It really is meaningful connecting with all the girls and really sharing our lives. Thank you for this great link up. I look forward to it every time and it really is like we are having tea.
    I would totally love some of that chai tea and I would adore and swoon over your toddler and chat with her at the tea bench. I have one at Kindy a couple of days a week then at home and when I need to get things done I try to keep her entertained by: letting her play with the buttons, coloured paddle pop sticks, colourful store brought pompoms and containers to put them in, playing with all her beaded jewellery, gluing, playdough, washing up fun with plastic plates and containers, and giving her a packet of baby wipes to help wipe surfaces which she finds fun. Maybe these will help depending on age appropriateness. xxx

  2. I would admire your blanket if I came to your house for a cup of tea this week, then I would show you the one I'm knitting from 'Purl Bee' for my very first grandson to be born at the end of May!

  3. Hi Em, I loved having tea with you and that chai tea sounds divine. I am new to the tea with me family, but I also posted one of my own here. And if we had tea together, I would tell you all about my new career and post graduation stories and how it is the most exciting and scary thing I have ever found myself in. x

  4. The chai sounds lovely -mmm. And I am also longing to be able to wear boots and cardigans again! I'm trying to get back into the swing of long days at home with just the little ones and I... We'll get there soon (I hope!), but now, especially in the midst of this heatwave, we're a little off track. Thank you for the cuppa! Such a lovely idea!

  5. Thank you for the talk and the tea!

  6. thanks for the tea and it's nice to know other mums feel boring or mojoless! if i dont get into fresh air in a day i feel like the most boring mum in the world, but some days doing nothing are good. xxx

  7. I feel head over heels in love with this post and would love to join in. XXX

  8. I made it! It's taken me a few weeks to get into the swing of life with 2 at school now (and before I know it will be school holidays again!). My toddler is the opposite and is so happy on his own pottering around home all day, I'm enjoying while it lasts :-/

  9. Ooh I hope you like my chai-from-scratch better than T2, I might brew some next week for you:)
    I totally feel your pain with the solo toddler/pre-schooler at home thing. Harper and I have been doing it on our own for a couple of years and I'm guilty of avoiding the hour long play-dough session in favour of my own projects and using ABC kids too often too. And when they are as little as Amie is you think it'll be never-ending as she has so many years til school! It sounds like you are doing a fabulous job Em. She might become a great little baking helper in the second half of the year as she grows, and I always find play dates fill up the long mornings quite nicely one or two days a week. I've always envied my friends whose children seem to occupy themselves all day. But then I love the cuddles and dependance on me too, as I'm sure you do..... :)


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