Saturday, March 9, 2013

life lately

entertaining the toddler
the toddler entertaining herself (watched curiously by the Indiecat)
loving autumn, even if the days here are still 30 degrees and over, the mornings are cool
still determined to do home made lunchbox snacks as opposed to packaged // not easy
the worn out toddler who snuck in a nap on her big bro's bed
hooking the autumn blanket
reading this to the kiddos

not captured ::
finishing sylvia plath's 'the bell jar' 
celebrating amazing friend's 10 year wedding anniversary
husbands' completion of his first two units of his course

how's your life lately?

linking up with Em for her weekly collection of stills


  1. Such a great photo of your little girl spinning - and oh, heart-melt at little seeping one!
    So impressed you're knitting in this heat and yay for your husband's first two units! We studied The Bell Jar in year 12 and it's odd how often I remember bits of it, but it's definitely not a comfortable book!

  2. Hi Em...twirling...loving that pic. Reminds me of 'You've Got Mail'. Must be one of her favourite dresses.

  3. We are reading Oscar and Jasper 'The Far Away Tree' at the moment. It's the original version with Dick & Fanny and has some quite strange wording in it ; ) Kids are loving it!!

  4. oh such adorable and sweet twirling. I too am trying to cut lunch box snacks to non- refined and packaged snacks.

  5. we too are up the faraway tree in the UK, also have spinning dresses and wool! beautiful shots this week xxxxx

  6. oh i love Enid Blyton! Can't wait to start reading them to my children! It's hot here in Melbourne too...over 30 all week and same forecast for next....I've got some Autumn craft ready to get started but it feels strange whilst it's so hot! Wishing you a lovely week Em xx

  7. Love the action shot of your girl spinning and twirling - I remember doing that a lot when I was little too! :)

  8. Lovely photos, and helped me to finally choose the Saltwater sandals in tan (even if it is technically Autumn). I particularly like your vintage school desk! ~ Alison

  9. Beautiful photos. What is it with big brother's beds? My toddler loves to cozy up in his brother's bed when he can too. So sweet!

  10. Lovely snaps lovely one, and lots of 'snaps' as usual! Love Mae jar labels- snap! Blanket- snap! tan salts- snap! Gorgeous copy of the enchanted wood- snap! Oh and kettle- snap! We are too cute xx

  11. These photos are all so beautiful. Love that you are attempting all homemade snacks, and the colours of your autumn blanket are just lovely...
    Ronnie xo

  12. love the colours in your rug. very beautiful photos, great capture of the spinning girl.

  13. Hi Em, lovely to find you. Loving the colours of your Autumn blanket, Im so looking forward to autumn this year. A beautiful shot of your girl twirling (love the kitchen too!) and a lovely blog you have...Rachael xx

  14. Hi Em, have found you through Tammi. So much to love here. I have the same Salties, love them. Love the twirling pic, gorgeous! Enid Blyton is one of my favourites, have you read the Magic Faraway tree? Have a lovely week! Elaina xo

  15. I'm loving every bit of your space! So funny I stumbled here from Che and Fidel.. I've been following along with you on Instagram for forever now, and I have no idea how I haven't seen your blog before! Happy to have found it now. Praying blessings and 'mojo' for you :)

    Brandy Jane Mabel


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