Tuesday, March 5, 2013

beautiful normal

The days that aren't exciting. 
The ones where I'm not exactly sure what the plans are, or the days when the plans aren't exciting. Grocery shopping, or laundry, or washing the floors, or running errands.
Doing the school run, making the lunches, cleaning the kitchen again.
Make afternoon tea, referee the arguing, oversee the homework.

Or those lazy weekend days.
Pj's still at 10am. 
One meanders outside to jump on the trampoline, one is engrossed in cartoons, the other, the iPad.
The husband boils the kettle again, and we have a second tea. Another scone. Another chat.
Conversations about bills, kids, work, study. Maybe expression of a dream or two in between other talk of family, or holidays.

These normal days. 
These beautiful normal days.

Phone calls from friends.
Text message jokes.
Listening to kiddos chatter.
Completing a few rows of a crochet blanket.
Boiling the kettle after kissing kidlets goodnight.
Waking to the sound of rain... or the sound of a two year old.
Bringing in the washing and breathing in the scent of sunshine and fresh air.

The normal days where no one is sick, no one is sad, no one is hurting, no one is fighting.
No one is missing.

There are mothers sitting beside hospital beds wishing for normal.
There are husbands grieving the loss of wives, or children.
Thinking about the days they had normal. 

I know it's a little bit morbid to think.
But I just don't know what is around the corner.
I am so thankful for normal, so unbelievably grateful for the mundane. 

Thankful to God for my own, very beautiful normal.



  1. such a lovely post Em! and such a good reminder to be grateful for these days of normality and for all the blessings there are in them. learning to see them in these little ways is something i'm praying for more this year!
    with love! xx

  2. Beautiful
    These everydays are the very fabric of a contented and happy life

  3. Yes the normal days are the best. the gentle rhythm of rising, pottering around and falling into bed of an evening.

  4. So beautiful Em. Totally agree x

  5. Oh and I need to catch up on your IG pics as I can see from above on the side! I spy a blanket progressing! :)

  6. Beautiful Em! Thankfully we have an almighty Father who has everything worked out for us, before we even need to go through those abnormal times.

    Have a wonderful week!

  7. Your normal days are so beautiful but I know that those normal days will be come the beautiful memories days that we treasure forever. Hugs to all who are missing someone in their life. xxx

  8. There is something so grounding about normal days and I for one wouldn't have it any other way.
    Beautifully written friend.


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