Sunday, February 10, 2013

{weekly stills}

 1 & 2 :: I may or may not have wandered a little aimlessly around the house this week. And nesting before the first week of school begins? It's a real thing
3 :: Luckily I have this one to keep me company busy
4 :: We're excited about him going back to study too. And nervous. Chocolate helps
5 :: Spying through the back window
6 :: Watching sisters has me curious, as I didn't have any. I love watching the growing bond between these two
7 :: There were stingers, so they made their own beach. 
8 :: While we sat in the breeze and watched our three, marvelling at where we are, how far we have come, and how old we are getting*

*not really. I am thirty next year, he was thirty last year. It's the new twenty, but better.

Joining up with that other lovely Em over here.



  1. Love the little snippets of your home. Gorgeous bunting.
    x Laura

  2. Oh my!!! Is that a patchwork wall i see? Fabulous!

  3. Oh I love those beds! I have been trawling the internet for weeks for an iron bed (and now settled on a wooden one!) - beautiful pictures x

  4. These are just so lovely Em! Your home looks so beautifully calm and creative. Such lovely pops of colour. Wishing you a beautiful week :) x

  5. oh i love your house and the light in your garden with the pink and blue and sisters playing! Your pictures have poetry in them! lovely post and blog, so glad i found you via the linkup xxxx

  6. Beautiful...and yes chocolate makes it all the better. x

  7. beautiful photos! i especially love the one looking through the window - it looks like stained glass!

  8. Hello! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog and Rufus' hair. Love your blog and gorgeous home. Ah sunshine... wish I was in Australia x

  9. Yes i am admiring that patchwork wall too. how pretty.
    My other half will hopefully start training/studying later in the year, and yes the thought is slightly scary. Hope all goes well.

  10. Oh my! Just beautiful! :) I love your two beds!! I constantly scour eBay for one of these close by! One day! ;)

  11. love that garland Em! is it made from felt? x

    1. Yes! I made it last year with felt, twine and hot glue. Super easy! x

  12. love the little glimpses of your beautiful home.

    rachel xo


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