Thursday, February 14, 2013

I sewed! {wiksten tank}

The sewing machine had to come out, there were library bags that needed making.
I told myself if I got them done, I would reward myself with sewing a gorgeous tank that I spotted on Talia Christine's blog here
Maybe it was the yellow that had me swooning, and I knew I had a similar fabric in the stash. 
The lack of clothes-shopping lately probably helped my desperation for something pretty and new. 

It only took me an evening!
Easy peasy.
I have fabric sitting here for two more. (A fabric less likely to get creased like the cotton I used for this one)
I think they'll become a wardrobe staple!

Inspired by these and this too.

You can find the pattern here. Go make one! Or three!
Have you been creative lately? It's so good for the soul.


PS - Oh my goodness, I am totally blown away by the amount of you who have joined my 'tea with me' linky! You are amazing, I have loved having tea with each of you. Shall we tea again? Next Thursday? Big loves!


  1. cute top
    I really need to dig out my sewing machine and get back into it
    PS my little girl and I have matching navy saltwaters too

  2. This looks so lovely! You've done a stellar job. I can't wait to give mine a whirl...the pattern's all cut ready to go. Gorgeous girl! :) x

    1. Thanks beautiful Steph! I'm a bit of a lazy sewer, and I'm telling myself I'll slow down and be NEAT for the next one ;) Can't wait to see yours! xo

  3. It looks awesome, I have always been scared to sew for myself...maybe one day! Your photos are great too :-)

    1. Well this pattern would be a great place to start, from all that I've seen, it is flattering on any body type, and everyone seems to find it as easy as I do! I can't wait to make the dress too... xx

  4. It looks amazing Em! Please do a dress version.

  5. Great job, love the colour! Looking forward to tea-ing with you again :)

  6. It is so cute Em! I love this.... now to do some cleaning so I can reward myself with some machine time xx


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