Saturday, February 16, 2013

february dreaming

Daniel and I were lucky enough to have a date night last night. 

We haven't spent time alone together since the weekend we rode by the sea
The busyness of the new school year has brought with it a comfortable rhythm in terms of school, and housework, and everyday life. 
I am a routine girl at heart. I like when things are done; orderly, organised.
Yet within the hustle and bustle of school, the start of ballet classes for the girls, and the husband now well into the swing of work and a crazy schedule of studying, I have been desperate for a breather.
We've been excited for the latest exhibition at our Art Gallery, Picturing New York for a while, and saw this weekend as a chance to escape there (thanks to his mum and dad for letting us dump kidlets and run!).

You see, if you know me, you'll know of my quiet obsession with New York. Actually, USA in general. Daniel shares the same strange love as I. Neither of us have ever been, yet even before we met, we had each grown a love and a desire for that place that is hard to describe. 

We joke about planting a church in the heart of the city, dream about living in Brooklyn, or Portland, or Seattle. Anywhere. Our hearts are itchy for that place. One day.

One day, he said, on our drive to the city.
And I began to dream aloud.
You know, I began, one day could be any day. Today. Tomorrow. Next year. 
We could actually do it. We could really make it happen. 
At first, his brain saw only reason, logic. Yet as I continued to dream aloud, he caught some of my wanderlust. He let his own find voice, and envision possibility.
I was struck with the overwhelming reality that this life is only now.
And that sometimes, just dreaming isn't enough!

For now, our dreams rest in the Safe Hands of a Big God. 
But I am determined to bravely step out, and share secret dreams, and hope that as we do what we know to do in this moment, it will somehow be putting feet to future vision.

Do you have secret dreams? What if they became reality?

Do you feel a sense of urgency? That this life is a vapour, and we need to go NOW?
Have you made a big, crazy, scary move? I would love to hear about your adventures!


PS On a side note, our date night was love-er-ly. So nice to do something different for a change. Stroll the gallery, then meander along our city on a balmy summer night. The Twilight Hawkers Market was great! Well done Perth, for staying up late and giving our sleepy city something fun to do!


  1. At the moment Paris is stealing my dreams ... but I've always been fascinated by New York and would so love to go. I hope you achieve your dreams soon - and we get to read all about it!
    It sounds like a wonderful night!

  2. so glad that you got to have a date! y'all look so cute! love that picture. :)

  3. My daughter has dreams of New York...and has done since she was a young teenager. I had dreams of Australia when I was a teenager and came over here when I was eighteen to live. Other dreams have been fulfilled too...but some are still in the hands of my yours.

  4. It's wonderful to have dreams, our recent trip to europe had been a dream of mine for so long! We did umm and ahh for a while whether we should do it but in the end decided life is too short, and now have no regrets just loads of great memories!

  5. See you there Em! We are plotting and planning a very similar adventure with the same realization that this is it - no time like this time!

  6. Oh you have given me goose bumps. Your dreams are beautiful and possibly soon to be realised. I look forward to following you as your dreams unfold!
    I have a dream to live in Paris for a year with my daughter.... though my partner doesn't share this dream...

  7. Your dreams sound amazing and I wish you an amazing journey pursuing them! My husband and I have similar dreams of a plot of land and building our own eco-home, but also other dreams of living in France. My husband thinks very logically though, whereas I am a big dreamer! ;) You have such a lovely space here. Thanks for stopping by my blog! x

  8. I have been to all three of those cities and never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine I could accomplish that, but we did. We have thrown caution to the wind many times and traveled to far flung places. I just love the USA and have grand plans to return there as soon as possible. Keep dreaming and planing, it is what keeps us going from day to day:)


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