Monday, January 28, 2013

weekly stills

1. Flowers from a friend: the most thoughtful gift
2. Entertaining on Australia Day: hopefully the first of many days the same, in our new place
3. Crochet butterflies thanks to pinterest, and orange pekoe because we're out of English Breakfast
4. Pancakes for a Sunday lunch? Yes please! My determination to cut takeaway this year isn't so bad at times like these
5. Indie knows she's not allowed on the bench. Doesn't stop her eyeing off the kid's morning tea, and letting out a wee meow now and then
6. Eden has taken to unstacking the dishwasher. I'm hoping the novelty won't wear off, it's her favourite "mummy job" and she does it perfectly
7. Lego. Always Lego

joining up with this Em



  1. always love your pics. My youngest just piped up "that looks yummy" at your pancake stack. Have to agree mmmm

  2. Those crochet butterflies are so sweet - and what beautiful roses
    Have a lovely week

  3. I love your crocheted butterflies! and mmmm, those pancakes look amazing! My boy was lego obsessed too. He's now 13, and still pulls it out from time to time.

  4. oh the love the wee little butterflies, kids helping is great and lego...yes always lego! have a wonderful week Em! xx

  5. the little butterflies are so cute! Love the Indie ears, even though I am not a cat person! Have a wonderful week Em!

  6. hello my other em! Lovely stills, especially the roses, you lucky thing!

    xo em


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