Saturday, January 5, 2013

bits and bobs and books and beauties

1. We're in. Really in. Like, we're-finding-new-dumping-grounds-for-all-our-stuff-in.
And this is where everything is dumped upon our return from the beach. Almost every day.
2. And we're enjoying our new front yard, sitting on this deck with our tea/cider/beer/cold milo and watching kiddos enjoy the space too...
3. Being watched blowing bubbles is serious business. Cue two-year-old meltdown,
"i tant [can't] blow the bubbles!!"
4. Hung some olive branch wreaths. Just because of the giant olive tree out front. And filled some new frames. This is my favourite wall.
5. Playing with bits and bobs on top of a kitchen shelf. Rob Ryan plate LOVE. The most perfect Christmas present.
6. Cousin love. Her first sleepover with us. I love being Aunty Em.
7. Packing suitcases for stays at Peachy's new abode. Yes, stays. More than one.
One trip with the fam, and a sneaky getaway with this lass, who is the perfect road-trip companion. How is it possible for a 4 hour trip to feel like 30 minutes?!
8. The couch, under the beams, under the homely home of one of the bestest friends. Tis' a comfy couch, and I had sweet dreams.
9. Nothing like tea upon the return home. It's always best at home, in the quiet. 
10. The Indie-cat has been naughty, and straying from home. When she finally decides to grace us with her presence, she decides that here is the most comfortable place to rest, after all that adventuring. 

The holidays continue, with another trip to a beach house with the family, and hopefully the comfort of a good book or two. It's what this blog has been so abandoned for. 

I hope your holidays are full of hope for 2013, and the promise of a happy new year!
I'm sure I'll be back to regularly saying hi soon!



  1. Wow absolutely beautiful all of it!!! Your photography is gorgeous too x

  2. I am loving these little teasers of your new home but I need to come see it for reals ;)
    We are the perfect road tripping duo, look forward to more little getaways with you in the future.

  3. Your girls are just gorgeous. Love gorgeous summer days with a beach and a beautiful house to come home to and have tea. xx

  4. You're house already looks so wonderfully homely. And what a perfect front yard for bubble blowing x

  5. yay for being in Em! it looks lovely from the snippets you are revealing! Enjoy the long summer days xx

  6. I really like your plate and mug..are they made by the same person? I also love that cushion on your son's bed with the globe and Australia on it. You have really made your new house comfortable and pretty. It looks like it has some wonderful natural light coming in as well. Enjoy your hols!

  7. I've been slack with my blog reading and have just stumbled back across your page. Oh I missed it! It's just so gorgeous, and relaxed, and inspiring. Love love love your new place. Hope you are enjoying the new year.

  8. Lovely pictures :)
    Please check out my blog and enter my competition.

    Amanda xo


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