Friday, January 11, 2013


It's the resolution.
I'm rolling the many things I'm resolving to do into this one word. 

The popular quote "Gratitude turns what we have into enough". It's true.
My resolution is to appreciate, really be thankful for what I have.
It is enough!

When I spend my thoughts and energies constantly pursuing, wanting, envying, trying... it's exhausting. 
I'm not comparing this year.
I'm appreciating. 
Appreciating my marriage, my husband, my children, the family we've built and grown.
Appreciating our health, our home.
Appreciating friendships I'm so blessed and privileged to have. 

A look at our budget yesterday, at our debt, made my heart sink, and caused a bubble in my throat I couldn't remove for a little while... but it's okay. 
I know we'll be provided for. 
I'll appreciate what I have, not struggle and strive for more.

But I'll continue to dream, and place those dreams in the One I trust.
The one who reminds me He'll fight for me.
I need only be calm (Exodus 14:14).
That the best is yet to come, and the journey might be rough but I can appreciate that too.

And today I appreciated where we live. 

I was thankful for the fresh air in my lungs, the salty wind in my hair.
For the man riding beside me, not just on the footpath, but in all aspects of my life.

I looked and saw with new eyes.
And pray I continue to, in 2013.



  1. Just gorgeous. What a beautiful heart you have. xx

  2. I think this is the theme for so many in 2013 including myself. One that I will have to continually keep reminding myself of as it's so easy to forget to do and that wanting more & more thing loves to drag us in.


  3. Yes, yes, yes! This is my focus for this year too. I shared a link on my blog today to a post on comparison that is so eloquently written, I think you'd enjoy it :)

  4. Just beautiful Em! Such a lovely way to bring some thought in for the new year! I also spoke about gratitude, appreciation and also just reflection. Stoping to pause every now and again at the life I have. I love your line about not comparing, wanting, but just appareciating. In such a material world we live in, we only need the simple things hey! May 2013 be filled with all your desire Em xx

  5. Lovely Em. I was only reading John 16 the other day which just simply says to ask the Father for whatever we want in Jesus' name and it shall be done 'cos we have such favour with Him because of knowing Jesus. We are to be anxious for nothing...and nobody can take our joy from us. Such promises...such grace...such reason to be grateful. I plan on taking Him up on the offer this year and to stop complaining to my fellow human beings!


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