Sunday, January 27, 2013


A portrait of my children once a week, every week for 2012.
Joining in with Jodi.

Joel: passed his preliminary stage. surprised me with his amazing freestyle. made two weeks of Vac Swim totally worthwhile. love his toothless, cheesy grin.

Eden: that hand, sums up perfectly the confidence she finds in her brother. her cheeks look even cuter squished in goggles.

Amie: lazy, holiday morning sleep ins, with leisurely breakfast.
staring, slowly-waking bubbas are irrisistable



  1. Two totally adorable pics today Em! The extremes of weather we've been having doesn't make being a 'wondermum' any easier either.

  2. hehe! wonderful shots captured that truely show their personalities...wishing you a very delightful week ahead Em xx

  3. I really do adore the bond that your children much love that is evident whenever one is around them.
    Joel is such a champ! and I am loving that toothless grin :)
    Those gorgeous cheeks of Edie are going to make history.
    Gotta love a chocolate faced babe...Amie is getting more beautiful every time I see her.

  4. So lovely to pop over here, Em. What a gorgeous family you have and a lovely blog too. Any friend of the lovely Tammi {dear molly} is a friend of mine:) New follower today and I'll be back for sure. xx

  5. Oh gosh, these photos. Cute goggled faces and that sleepy stare, you have gorgeous kids and your words described them so beautifully. Belinda x


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