Sunday, January 20, 2013


Joel: becoming less likely to hide when I get the camera out. loving the boy he is growing into. not to mention the colour of his cocoa skin
Eden: requested home made nutella, cut her own strawberries, and dipped away
Amie: an icy pole is a sure way to determine that waking from her afternoon nap is a happy affair

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  1. Love the colour of all of their skin! Beautiful babes x

  2. Lovely summer time pics of your littlies.xx

  3. Your children are so beautiful Em... I love the icy pole shot in particular.
    Ronnie xo

  4. You do your children are going to be irresistible when they are older :)
    Amie's hair looks like it's grown so much since I saw her last.
    Joel's cocoa coloured skin play nicely with his freckles.
    Loving Edie's independence, your girl is growing up way too fast.
    I've decided to come visit you next week once the swimming lessons are over..we'll have that cuppa at long last ;)

  5. Whoever invented icy poles should win an award, my children love them and will do anything I ask for one. xxx


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