Thursday, January 10, 2013


The holidays are creeping to an end.
To squeeze out the very last drops before the husband goes back to work on Monday, we joined his parents for a few nights at a beach house down south. When they said beach house, we really had no idea. It was literally atop a sand dune at the beach. Amazing. 

And now these beachy holiday babes are spending two nights in the country with their other grandparents, while their parents chill at home. Blessed.

I'm joining Jodi for 52 this year. 
To keep me regularly capturing, delighting in the kidlets that are growing, growing, growing, right before my eyes.

Joel: "I caught six herrings mum!"
Eden: ever my poser, always the easiest to capture
Amie: sandy, salty, curly, kissable



  1. beautiful em, so lucky to have both sets of grandparents so close. being able to play on the sand while the sun sets - is there anything better in summer?!! we are just home from holidays yesterday, after almost a month by the sea.. :( x

  2. Lovely photos! I am very impressed by the capture of six herrings. The ocean, gentle light and beautiful, sandy kids is the perfect mix!

  3. Em, these photos are magic. You have captured your babes so well!
    Enjoy that down time :)

  4. oh i'm loving all these wonderful mum's that are joining in this project, it's just fantastic!!! Your children are adorable Em! What a stunning back drop too. Have a blissful weekend xx

  5. your children are adorable Em!
    Have a blessed weekend.


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