Thursday, December 27, 2012

{tea with me}

Oh hello, world. Our internet has been re-connected, which means, indeed, we are in our new home!

I'd planned to fill you in on the details, show you some corners, paint you a picture... but I'm tired, it's almost 10pm, and I still have some bits and pieces to put away before I retire to bed.

So. Here's where I introduce you to my gorgeous friend Tammi who has written a post for me, in lieu of regular 'tea with me' posts coming up next year. I'll leave you with her, and fill you in on life lately in the next few days... You can find Tammi her over here at her new blog. The dress in the picture was made by her beautiful self and you can BUY them in her shop too. Go have a peek!

much love! xo

If I was to tea with Em today, I’d suggest she host us because I’m dying to see the mark she's made in her new home. She’d brew herself a cup of Twinings English breakfast in one of her pretty teacups but I’d ask for coffee in the biggest mug she has because well,  I’m a little addicted these days, I NEED the caffeine hit and she has one of those fancy fandangle coffee machines. 

She would also tempt me with a plate of her delicious salted caramel macaroons because she’s nice like that and needed the distraction from the chaos of moving that comes only from baking.

Being the school holidays, our children would run wild outside in the expansive backyard. Kaizer, Amie and Eden are likely to gravitate towards the cubby house or swing set while Joel and Dawson would take solitude away from the little ones in the comfort of the tree fort. It’s a no brainer that Tegan would get in on some Indie action, animal lover that she is. 

Left to their own devices Em would offer to show me around and I, being the sticky beak that I am, would eagerly accept.
As we slowly make our way from room to room Em would mention all the plans she has for each space and I’d ooh and ahh over the magic she has already managed to inject into each room, even in the throes of unpacking. It wouldn’t seem strange at all seeing her belongings in our friends house as their tastes and hearts are so similar. 
We’d linger in the girls room because I know just how enchanting it is going to be. I may even hint at Em doing a ‘room tour’ series in the New Year. You’d like that wouldn’t you?

Our tour would end in the kitchen, the heart of her home, where we’d pull up a stool and chat. Naturally, our conversation would turn to the ache we each feel at our friend moving south but we’d count our blessings that she’s still in the same State, only a short drive away. know Em’s sense of loss will be much greater than mine, they are like sisters after all and have been neighbours, sharing a yard, for over three years but I am sure the mention of little south getaway would lift her spirits, in fact I know it will. We’ve been wanting to do another road trip of the thrifting kind all year so this would give us the perfect excuse and opportunity. I may even suggest it becomes an annual thing.  Talk of treasures waiting to be discovered will lighten the mood.

We’d pass the rest of the morning, with a few distractions from our children, chatting about the new year beyond and how we plan to juggle motherhood with new endeavours. Em is sure to offer some pearls of widsom, she is wise beyond her years that woman and respected by many. 

If you could tea with Em, you'd leave as I do, feeling very blessed by her friendship.



  1. Beautiful post Tammi (and yes, I'd love a stickybeak -I'm sure all the rooms will look lovely!)
    Hope you feel more rested soon, Em.

  2. Tammi - what a wonderful post - i feel as if I've also sat having tea with both of you! And how wonderful an 'room tour' would be! Hope the move and transition from old house to new house is going ok both in the physical and emotional sense Em! b xx

  3. So special Tammi.
    I am hanging to have a 'tour' of em's new place.
    also i am looking forward to the day when I can be sitting have a tea/coffee with you two lovely ladies.

  4. Gorgeous Tammi! What a great post, I look forward to more! xx

  5. What a lovely peek at your treasured tea time together. Thanks girls xx

  6. What a lovely post Tammi. I too would love a room tour when you're settled in Em- I can only imagine the fabulous-ness!

  7. How about we do the real thing soon? :)
    Thanks for having me lovely.


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