Thursday, December 13, 2012

o night divine

Oh holy night 
The stars are brightly shining
It is the night of our dear Savior's birth

Long lay the world in sin and error pining
Till he appeared and the soul felt its worth
A thrill of hope, the weary soul rejoices
For yonder breaks, a new and glorious morn

Fall on your knees, oh hear the angels voices
Oh night divine, oh night when Christ was born

"A thrill of hope, the weary soul rejoices"
This song gives me goosebumps.

So does the fact that my Year 1 boy has nearly finished school for the year.

I love that all it takes are a few boxes and some sticky tape for him to get creative.

We have boxes a'plenty. And irks galore. 
Moving at Christmas-time is not fun, and I am trying hard not to let it get to me.
Having carols playing, making light of the mess, and taking a break to make more gingerbread is taking the edge off my impatience and frustration.
Oh, and looking forward to a sweet package in the mail - I won Brenda's Christmas giveaway!

That, and dreaming about Christmas Eve, being settled, and preparing for Christmas Day.

"A thrill of hope..."

Back to packing - I hope the lead-up to Christmas in your household is hope-filled.



  1. I LOVE that nativity. My girls are one day from finishing year one as well. I am so ready for the break as much as they are.

  2. So cute, a fabulous idea to make the Christmas story real to children!

  3. Sent off your packages today Em! I had to send the print separately so it didn't get damaged just so you know! Hope all the moving is going that you stop to let the kids play with cardboard boxes. Seriously kids love the simple stuff! xx

  4. My all time favourite carol. O night divine! Yes the weary soul rejoices and give me goosebumps too!! I hope your packing and moving goes well Em, its so stressful at the best of times. Much love for christmas xx

  5. "fall on your knees, oh hear the angels voices" i love this carol and it brings me to tears every time.
    your little man is so creative, i love it!
    all the best for your move, i agree moving at Christmas sucks

  6. love the construction going on! And that carol - sang it in church with about 200 voices last week. Goosebumps!! and congrats with winning Brenda's giveaway - I knew you gazumped us all with moving at Christmas time :) all the best with the packing xx


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