Tuesday, December 4, 2012

her reward

She has been saving for about 8 months.
Every penny went into her "pocket money" jar.
My four year old desperately wanted an ipod, just like a big girl friend - who comes from a family of kids each with their own iPod!

I tried to discourage the idea, and thought to myself, "There's no way!" 
However, Miss Determined decided she would 'save up', despite how long I told her it would take. I didn't take her too seriously.

When her brother's $10 or $15 was burning a hole in his pocket and he just had to spend it on Lego, she would browse the toy aisles without a care.
I would suggest toys to buy.
"No, I'm still saving up for my iPod"

When Grandpop gave the kiddos $2 each to buy a lolly, Miss Determined would stash her $2, insist she didn't want a lolly, and come home to promptly drop her goldie in the jar.

Well Miss, your determination paid off. You proved me wrong, and I couldn't be more proud.
Now to embrace (eek. I would rather they play outside!) the technology - and put some serious boundaries in place.

How do you deal with kids and technology? Or kids and money? Any tips? xx


  1. Oh Em, this is a beautiful story! Your daughter showed so much dedication to get what she really wanted...she could have had instant gratification and bought lollies or smaller stuff but she chose to save! I know we have often struggled with technology and the kids. Our kids don't watch TV, but when my hubby upgrated his iphone, the old one basically turns into an itouch and so, we gifted it to our 6 year old who thinks it's amazing, and has shown us how responsible he can be with it!! love your daughters headphones xx

  2. I may be a touch emotional or maybe tired but I just had tears in my eyes!! I am so proud of my little friend. You know she's going to be your first child to own their own home! ; )

  3. Woah that is seriously impressive! Well done little one!

  4. Gosh. She is a superstar in the money saving department. Go girl. Hopefully, this is an early sign of responsible spending as we know girls like to shop- Girls just want to have funds! Technology will beckon continually, I'm sure you will manage it fine! xx

  5. What a determined little thing...I bet she will go on to achieve a lot of her hearts desires. xx

  6. Her determination is something to be very proud of and just goes to show when you put your mind to something, great things can be achieved :)

  7. I read your story and then was amazed that she is still so little. What a wonderchild to have saved all that money with such determination! No wonder boundaries are needed..hehe!

  8. My only just 3 year old wants an iPod too. I've told her she's too young.... but maybe she's not! I understand your hesitation, but it's great you let her achieve her goal. xx


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