Saturday, November 10, 2012

friday night

Was spent at Kristy's place.
She and her (very amazing Staying-Out-Of-The-Way-Putting-Kids-To-Bed-Type) husband prepared a feast.
I took my (delicious, yes they were) macaroons.

We regularly organise these grown-up girlie dinners, us four.

As a way of keeping in touch. Of catching up properly sans kids, sans interruption.

I can't remember how it started, or who hosted where. 
But for years now we have rotated; hosting, and bringing.

"Who's turn is next?"
"Think it's my turn, it's been ages"
"No, we did yours a couple of months ago, you made stew with dumplings"
"Is it my turn to do dessert? I haven't done it since that sticky date pudding"
"YES, that was so good! What should I bring?"

And a general 'round about time is booked in.

But it's always flexible. 
We are busy, each of us with our own lives.

These are the types of friendships that are forever.

The girls that see a perspective of your life that those who you share with daily can't see.

The ones who have prayed and believed for you to fall pregnant, and see God's faithfulness when you do.
The ones who stand by rocky times in marriages, but never bag out your husband, because they're loyal, and they know you are too.
The girls who are the first to visit after you give birth, and the first to come and make your bed and fold your washing.
The ones who stay the latest when wedding invitations are being made.
Who have done every baby shower. (8 kids between us, and two more on the way!)
Who know your parents, and your brothers and sisters, and understand the context of everything you say.
Just the ones who know you oh-so-well, and, yes, it's cliche, but love you anyway.

What a blessing to be able to call these girls my friends, and sisters.
We'll be doing "girls dinners" till we're old and grey.


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  1. oh em, you gave me goosebumps on this one! that kind of friendship is so very, very sacred. I live states away from my closest friends and only dream of these regular girly dinners. these photos are so dreamy. I'm so glad you get time out for YOU x


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