Friday, November 9, 2012

french and friendship

Friday night, hoorah!
And what better to do than to dine with friends?!

I'm on dessert.
More about our girlie dinners soon.

Salted caramel macaroons, get in my belleh!

Happy weekend, lovelies.


PS If you have a thermomix, my failsafe recipe is right here. And don't ask again, because it's the first and last time I'll be giving away the secret to my success ;)


  1. Oh you sure have perfected the macaroon, these look amazing! My mouth is drooling now after sampling them last week.
    Macaroon morning tea soon I think :)
    Enjoy your evening lovely.

  2. Those look divine! I was just reading about salted caramel recently and thinking it sounded incredibly moorish. (And surely the salt balances out the sugar so it's healthy?) Thank you for sharing the recipe for the macaroons - I think I'lll have to try it!

  3. Em, I'm just going to have to keep drooling over these ones. I don't have a thermomix and have gone sugar free recently..but I can imagine their salty sweetness..mmmmm! They look divine!

    1. I NEED to go sugar free! Three batches of macaroons in as many weeks has been TERRIBLE! (in the very best way possible, hehe!) Thank you, I was really proud of these ones, they were as perfect as I think I could ever get! xx


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