Thursday, November 29, 2012

bits and bobs

It's begun! The silly season.

We had enough time to get our tree from the Real Christmas Tree Farm the other evening before they closed.
I cut it down myself this year, yes I did! As I was busy sweating and sawing, I panted to the kiddos, "Cutting down Christmas trees is not easy".
To which Joel replied absentmindedly, "It is if you're dad".
And the smell of pine in our house?! Best Christmas tradition ever!

I didn't get much out of the Christmas box.
Our tree is decorated sparingly, considering our house-move, just the week before Christmas Day. My garland is simply perfect.

I made a big dent in our packing this week. The pile of boxes at the back door is ever-growing, and inside the house is looking more and more bare.
It's been such a great opportunity to cull back, de-clutter, and simplify, too.
So many things I'd been holding on to, are now doing their journey to the Salvos.

Despite the busyness, the book of James has been grabbing my attention.

In simple humility, let our gardener, God, landscape you with the Word, making a salvation-garden of your life. (James 1: 19-21, MSG)
How does your garden grow?

In between it all, late-night creating of Christmas gifts - these Vanilla Soy candles will be perfect to gift, packaged with the best Strawberry Apple and Vanilla Jam ever. 
I know my Gran will be one happy receiver!

Sorry for the neglect lovelies, I will get to replying to your comments, and visiting your spaces very soon!



  1. Oh how I miss the scent of a real pine tree..yours looks lovely in it's simplicity :)
    Go you with the packing and decluttering, it's never an easy task is it? Let me know if I can help.

  2. Good work on cutting the tree down yourself! I look forward to the house smelling of pine, at the end of this weekend!

  3. See those muscles of yours do come in handy!!!

  4. Love all your loveliness!! And those soy candles....tutorial please!!! They look divine! As for the Book of James...well I think that fits perfect for this time of year for a lot of us xx

  5. The scent of pine..I haven't experienced that in a while. I hope I'll be able to source a real tree this year but I know we don't have a Christmas tree farm I wonder. Your garland is the perfect trim. Thank you for sharing that is very good from the Message bible.

  6. Love your passion for the real tree thing....all the best with the packing and move. x

  7. O Christmas! So lovely to start preparing. The scent of a real pine tree is so lovely - and always brings me back to childhood.
    Good luck with all the packing and your move.


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