Monday, October 15, 2012


I forgot to educate the little people in my house about birthday sleep ins. 
I baked my own birthday cake (my favourite, Honey Cake from Apples For Jam).
And I was totally spoiled by this lovely.
And perhaps my husband will arrive home soon, he promised he would be early.

And, up early, drinking tea, and pondering the year ahead, I penned some thoughts for 
{my twenty ninth year}

I like new beginnings, as you may already know.
I like the feeling of freshness, and although I know that is available to me every single day, there is something about being on the brink of a brand new year.
Especially when the year holds as much promise as this one.
Every year does.

And, rather than write another bucket list, I'm choosing to focus on the lists I've already checked off.
The amazing family we have built, the three tiny humans I birthed.

And I am choosing to focus not on my agenda, not on my own ambition,
but the quiet thought;
Lord, what would you have me do this year?
What has been set apart for me?



  1. Happy Birthday...hope the spoiling continues. x

  2. Happy Birthday! :) That cake looks delicious!

  3. I am such a list maker, be it a to do list for today or goals for the future or fun things I want to do! And I love that thought of 'Lord, what would you have me do this year?' What does He have on his list for me?!


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