Tuesday, October 16, 2012

term 4

School went back today.
The Mr to his classroom, the Miss, to hers tomorrow.
And I am already weary.
Weary of school runs - up and out by 8:30am. Times 5.
The interrupted afternoon for pickup at 3pm. Times 5.
Weary of trying to be creative with healthy, unpackaged lunch box food.
Weary of thinking up filling afternoon tea for hungry, often grumpy, kidlets.
Weary of remembering library days, and sports days, and art days, and soon swimming lesson days.

Can't it be Christmas holidays already?!

The slower pace; the drone of summer, the beach, early mornings spent in the garden.

But when Joel's teacher happily reminded us, upon entry to his class,
"Only 9 weeks left of Year 1 Joel!"

I blinked.
In wishing for the term to pass, I'm wishing my year one boy to be no longer.
I'm wishing full-time school for Eden to begin sooner.
I'm wishing it away and it's already, crazily speeding along at an almighty rate!

So lets do this.
Lets remind ourselves to be in the moment.
Lets inspire each other with lunches, and afternoon tea, and quick and healthy nightly meals.

Lets not wish it away too fast!

Lets not be weary.*


*Galatians 6:9


  1. A good reminder Em..I think the mugs may be at the post office, I just have to go at the right time to get a parking space...groan! It's always busy down there. The package is worth the journey though :)!

  2. I agree Em...let's not wish it away too fast. Miss8 will be starting Year 4 next year. Three more years until high school. Eight more years until she is no longer a school student. While I only have one to get ready in the mornings, school runs can be hectic. I hope that everything calms down for you! Pxo

  3. Oh I so needed to read this, to appreciate the moment for all it holds. Too often lately I habe been consumed with taking on too much and wishing time away. Time to put the kettle on and stop for a breather :)

  4. *have!
    Oh and that photo of Mr J...gorgeous! Can't wait to see the rest.


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