Tuesday, October 30, 2012

{smitten kitten}

So that weekend I was hanging out for?
It included relaxation and recuperation. The beach, and lazing about, and catching up on a few episodes of New Girl, and way too much iView for the kids, and church, and some baking, oh, and a trip to pick up the newest member of our family!

Meet Indigo.
She is a 10 week old Burmese kitten.
And my belated birthday present, surprise!

She was very timid and shy at first, but curiosity has won her over and she has the loudest. purrrrrr. ever.

And a cute little meow.
And she zooms around the lounge room chasing pom poms or scrunched up bits of paper, and has the kids in stitches of laughter.

The husband plays aloof, but Indie knows she's loved, and that his lap is the warmest.

I am foreseeing kitten rides in prams. Eden has already wrapped her in blankets, and spoken to her softly the way she does with her dolls, her tiny kitty-baby.

And in my defence, I am not a cat-lover. Not really a pet-lover since having kids... but...
I don't really have a but... 
I have just wanted a cat. For a long time.

I like the idea of company in the early hours, as I read my Bible.
I like the thought of sweet cat twirling around my legs in the kitchen.
Of curious, mischievous "help" when I'm sewing.
And love that my kids have someone small, and furry to love on.
And love on her they do! 
Until she has too much love, and flees to her hideaway under the kitchenette.

say hello, Indigo.



  1. A big welcome 'hello' to Indigo..I'm guessing we'll see a lot more of her here as she is so cute!

    1. I'll try not to bombard you all with her, but she's rather photogenic, and I'm a little smitten! :)

  2. Gorgeous kitten! I have a choc point Burmese, she has just turned 12 - Mum bought her for me when I was 17. She has been an amazing companion for me (and put up with the addition of a husband, 3 kids and a dog!).

    1. I hope there's some photos of her on instagram, I am going to stalk your feed to find out ;) How precious, having her through all those stages of life! xxxx

  3. How precious Em! I, unfortunately, am allergic to any cat with an 'ese' on the end of it's breed :( Indigo looks absolutely delightful, and I love her colour! Pxo

    1. My husband is still itching his eyes occasionally, and trying not to touch her too much - he got over his allergies when we got a cat years ago, so we're hoping that will happen this time too! xx

  4. Oh cute! So shes a burmese, you've almost sold the idea to me. Our little Harper would just LOVE your Indi.... Precious pics of Eden :)

    1. Yes! And if you read anything about cat breeds before you jump in and get one, you'll know why we chose Burmese... they are a wonderful breed! xo


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