Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Sarah's timing for the topic hidden was quite poignant for me.
Linking up with her here, for Snap It.
The photo of my husband and I with faces hidden was taken by a bestie. 
I'll be sharing the rest of the shoot later this week!

He has been speaking to me about the {heart}

It's all about the heart.
My heart, so often fickle. 
Too concerned with outward appearance; not just of myself but of my life in general.
Too often it's easy to smooth things down on the outside, and present a perfect exterior when the heart may show a different picture.

I have been desiring a devoted life.
Living a quiet life.
A life lived outside of self. Not prideful, or jealous.
Of pure motives.

Nothing is hidden from Him.
He knows the fear that holds us, He knows the motives that drive us.
My prayer is that I would have the grace that the Bible talks of, in James 4:6, that He gives us grace to stand against desires that are not of Him.
Desires of self, to strive and push to be elevated.
In the Message paraphrase, says he gives this grace to the willing humble.

"The Lord's light penetrates the human spirit, exposing every hidden motive"
Proverbs 20:27

How's the state of your heart?



  1. ooh nice one! very nice of your bestie to take some shots...i have very few shots of me and my hubby!

  2. Replies
    1. I am lucky, she is super talented! :)
      I am @mynameisem on Instagram, come and find me! xx

  3. so gorgeous! & I love the proverbs quote. So true x

  4. Leaves me wanting to see the rest of the shoot. Look forward to it :)

  5. Beautiful post, there is so much 'stuff' in our lives nowadays that can consume us, it's nice to be reminded none of it is more important than God.

  6. You have such a beautiful way with words. You really do need to write more. My eyes light up when I see you've posted something new. Thank you for a timely reminder. I reminder that we need to keep hearing over & over again. Love you muchly <3


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