Friday, October 26, 2012

don't fail me!

Weekend, I have high hopes for you!
You will begin with the husband arriving home early/er from work, I know you will.
You will inspire me to cook something simple, like chicken wraps with some tabouli like Carol suggested on my last post, for my parsley forrest.

There will be leftover home made Apple & Rhubarb Pie. 
Heated with ice-cream of course, you are not pro-calorie-counting are you, weekend?

That big sigh will breathe when the kids bow their final curtain call, and drift off to sleep.
Feet up. Tea at the ready. A husband to myself. A movie maybe.
A night in. Favourite, for this home-body. 

I strung lights above my bed.
Weekend, much of you will be spent here, if that is okay.

Your weather forecast looks like we are in for some sun-shiney days too.

I won't plan you, but I know you are okay with that.
You'll let us take you as you come, probably with a slow Saturday morning, and a trip somewhere, anywhere, to entertain the kiddos.
Even if it's to the beach at the end of the street, I am okay with that.
I'm sure the water will sparkle, and I will hold my husband's hand, and we will laugh at the crazy energy our three kids embody.
And maybe take a dip in that ocean.

Or maybe dine out for lunch, in the sunshine.

By Monday, I expect to feel fully rested, and inspired for another week.

I have much hope for you, weekend.
Don't fail me!



  1. love the fairy lights over the bed - what a lovely weekend you have planned. Hope it meets all your expectations

  2. I do hope your expectations are met this weekend..have a lovely one! I noticed that Nigella has lots of fairy lights at her place I want some!!


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