Tuesday, September 18, 2012

tea with me {and a giveaway hint...}

If you were to tea with me today, I'd offer you green today.
The health benefits of 2-3 green teas per day are amazing.
We would use my mustard coasters, because I can't seem to stop making them.
I've memorised the rounds, and they come together so quickly!
If you are the hooky type, you can find the pattern here.

I baked sugar cookies yesterday, so we would nibble those and watch the girls paint with water colours just outside the back door.
{I'll turn a blind eye when Amie starts to find things other than paper to paint on}

I probably won't be able to hide the fluttering in my stomach,
after watching Eden at school today.
She reminds me so much of myself, and it makes my heart ache watching her gather the courage to leave my side to play with the girls in her class.
I remember being four, and that fear of rejection has never really left my side.
She hasn't seen the cruel side of girls yet, and although I pray she doesn't, it's without much hope.
I want her innocence and openness to friendship to remain.
I want her to trust with reckless abandon, the way I want to.
I want her to love with grace,
and be forever blinded to conditions like status, and popularity, and appearance.
And just accept, and love.
And I want her to feel loved just like that!

I'll tell you I'm trying to shake the ache, 
hide my own insecurities from her so that she can walk with confidence,
every step of this life she has been given.

We will chat about motherhood, and it's stages, and how we never imagined we would be here, now.
And how we wouldn't change a thing.
Because we wouldn't would we?


P.S - I am announcing a very exciting giveaway in the next couple of days, and I'll give you a hint... do you love my coasters, and do you adore my teacups? 
Make sure you follow along so as not to miss it!
Much love x


  1. Oh bless your mummy heart lovely. I wish I could say that it gets easier but that ache never eases you just learn to live with it and as the mother of a teen daughter, these years are the toughest we have had to deal with yet. However, I am sure with your guidance and unwavering support and love, you will equip both your girls to deal with whatever comes their way.

    That cruel side to girls you talk of has been something Tegan has had to deal with more often than I would like but I am so proud of how she tackles such situations head on and draws on the strength of the Lord to guide her through.

    Those tea cups are so pretty as are your coasters...must chat over a cuppa again soon :)


  2. Oh you ARE gorgeous! I've missed a few of your lovely posts and loved seeing the picture of your wedding smooch! I'm addicted to these coasters too, I finished a few more mustard ones whilst in cairns recently actually and a friend scored an apple green set for her birthday last week. Glad you are liking green tea, I'd totally visit for one with you in any teacup of yours. :) I have a shy miss 4 too. Sounds like your little one has the best mummy and her mummy trusts in the only sovereign God so she's in the best hands. Every new step is so hard though xx

  3. Tea with you sounds wonderful! I would love to meet you in real life.... if only we lived closer!

    1. If only! We could chat all day I'm sure! xxx

  4. Replies
    1. Just commission someone to make some for you, they are dead easy! :) xx


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