Tuesday, September 25, 2012


making :: sunburst granny hearts (pattern here) while driving with the family on the weekend
I think a garland of these strung and hung would be pretty... 

drinking :: green smoothies and shrek juice 
and copious amounts of tea

reading :: aside from readings for uni on innovation, and sustainability (yawn!), and the book of Nehemiah, and the home readers that the kidlet in grade 1 brings home... nothing. I am looking forward to the holidays to get started on the growing pile on my bedside

anticipating :: school holidays! next monday begins two weeks off school for the kidlets, which means pj days, park and play dates with friends, pancakes for breakfast, and movie nights! bring. it. on.

needing :: more sleep! and my husband home already! he leaves for a "man trip" to Bali tonight. Sigh. so not resenting that at all! (But I am looking forward to a girlie weekend, my parents coming to stay, and a special friend's 30th birthday... eek, are we all really starting to turn the big three zero?!)

waiting :: to announce my very first bloggy giveaway, tomorrow!

what are you doing?



  1. Hi Em..your hearts are sunny and bright...deliciousness for my soul...p.s..I'm reading Luke for my spirit!

  2. School holidays...me too...I am am beginning to make my lists of wishes to spend my time doing. Love the hearts. x

  3. Oh those hearts are just adorable and would be perfect strung up for you know what ;)
    So incredibly pleased that the holidays are almost upon us, your list of plans match ours.

  4. I know where they would be fabulously hang up hehe

    Looking forward to hanging out : )


  5. sounds like you have some fun times ahead - what a lovely cheery post to read, thanks for sharing x

    1. Thank you lovely, thanks for reading! x


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