Saturday, August 25, 2012

where I'll be

by the warm stove; or
taking in the view of the valley,
going for a walk or two, or
drinking tea with my mama.

my first essay is finished,
I survived the first month of study,
my laundry basket has not suffered.
(I even read Austin's Northanger Abbey this week, and took my girls to Storytime at the library, and cooked dinner every night, and the beds were even made *brag* someone make this mama a red cape please!)

somewhere in the midst though, there's an edge.
I don't want to get closer to it, this need of a red cape is rather tiring.

so we're off to my favourite place in the world.
I'm going to go and breathe,
and come back ready to start again.

Happy weekend!


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  1. Have a wonderful weekend relaxing & enjoying time with your mumma. Xoxo


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