Monday, August 20, 2012

{weekend} end

I have a little Monday-itis today.
I woke up, for no reason really, with that sinking feeling, and the thought;
"Oh no. Here we go again"

Silly really.
The kitchen was clean.
The house fairly tidy.
A good start to the week, I would usually think.

And Monday hasn't been unkind.

But Saturday was much lovelier.

Lets reminisce.

We stayed in on Friday night. I studied a little.
The Man fell asleep on the couch watching the football.

We visited his parents on Saturday and I didn't study.
I crocheted. Hello crochet, it's been a while.

The kids played with the hose in the winter sun.
Anyone would think it was summer already.
Straight into a warm bath afterwards.

Fish and chips, and no dishes made the perfect Saturday night.
And a movie in bed when we got home, while I crocheted some more.
And Lego, always the Lego.

I love you crochet.

I loved you weekend.

My first link-up with Lou!

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  1. Lovely photos.
    What a wonderful weekend you had. May the week ahead be just as good.

  2. Oooh, I love your crocheted coaster!

    {Visiting from Sunny + Scout's Point + Shoot}


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