Monday, August 13, 2012

{tea with me}

If you are a mother too, you will completely understand me when I say I need some adult interaction. It can grow wearisome when I've spent a few days at home.
A cuppa [even a quick drop-in from a friend] can lift my soul, in a way other things just won't.

I would love it if that cuppa happened to be with you!
I'd put on a pot of tea {lemongrass & ginger is my go-to these days}
I'd set out the Tim Tams, I haven't baked in a couple of weeks!
And I would hope that you wouldn't look to closely at the floor, especially where my children sit to eat their breakfast.
I probably wouldn't tidy the Legos on the loungeroom floor, or completely clear the kitchen sink, because if I appeared to have it all together, I'd be lying.
But I would hope that our conversation would make up for some of the mess!
We would probably also be interrupted by Miss A wanting yoghurt, or Miss E asking if we like her drawings.

What are you reading? I'd ask. Because I haven't had much time for reading lately, and I miss it.
You might ask me about University.
This will be my third week.
I will tell you how much I look forward to Wednesdays, how I feel like skipping on campus because I am so happy, and my soul feels so full.
That I sat up the back in the Lecture Theatre last week, and looked down around all the students, and I could imagine all the workings of the brains, all the creativity and thoughts swirling around and around above all our heads, like sparkly dust in the sun.
That I'm only doing one unit this semester. I want to take it slow, figure out my capacity. 
Do well.
At the mummy-ing and the wife-ing, and the studying.
So I'm not rushing.

But I'm excited.
About using parts of my mind that have lain dormant for so long!
That I no longer have a niggling sense in the back of my brain to do what I feel like I'm called to do.
To learn to think, and write.

I'll ask you if you struggle with comparison. Do you?
I'll admit that it's hard not to look at other people's dreams, or wish for their talent.
But we'll remind ourselves that we have been created uniquely, each of us. And that we have our own God-shaped dreams within.
That when we look in the mirror we should try to see a reflection of Him, not a superficial someone else.
I'll tell you to embrace the things that make you, you.
I'll quote Dr Seuss, because he was right when he said there's no one youer!

And then, we will probably chatter about school runs, and family plans, and camping trips, and remark about the distinct smell of spring in the air - hurrah for coming warmth!

You should join me for a cup one day!



  1. One of my most favourite things to do is spending time with you in your cute little house drinking tea and chatting. See you soon ♥

  2. A cuppa with you would be most delightful...we have much catching up to do :)

  3. I love this post. This is my first visit to your blog. I enjoyed that cuppa so much! Thanks. I'll be back for sure. L xx

  4. I would love to have tea and chat with you, but that is a bit difficult when I am on another continent! maybe our paths will cross again one day

  5. So beautifully written. How encouraging to acknowledge that we need for than just mothering now and then. I would love to drop in for a cuppa!

  6. I am going to invite myself over :-) sounds delightful! I hear so much of what you type - it gives me goosebumps knowing someone else feels the same things. Was supposed to drop by your part of he "woods" today but have had a sick little man. Next week I will pop in and see you (I'll let you know, but Lego, washing and dishes are all part of the furniture at my house so will feel right at home)

  7. Hope you got that I was dropping into Rachel's and not uninvited to yours ;-) just retread that and it sounded very rude!!!


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