Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Sweet baby girl
You are now two

You are delightfully bossy, affectionate and funny

You love swings, dolls, Milo, and saying
"No, not you, MINE"

You are a lovely friend, and a gorgeous (sometimes rather annoying) little sister.

You are fighting your daytime naps
You are often heard singing "Happy Birthday" softly to yourself
You stick your tongue out a little when you are feeling shy
You are an iPad addict already, and love to watch Dora and Pepper Pig
("Daddy Pig!")
You love to pretend you are a baby, but when asked you announce firmly,
"Big girl!"

Your name means 'Beloved'
And you are


Ps - Thank you all for your amazing encouraging words about my study... My first day at University is tomorrow, eek!


  1. I live how your blog captures memories!! Must get you to teach me how to upload photos from iPad. Haven't worked that out yet. Love this. How sweet that one day aimee will read these words and be so blessed :-)

  2. happy birthday to your sweet little princess

  3. Gorgeous! Such beautiful words & memories captured x


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