Saturday, June 23, 2012

winter lately

I am a little too fond of using seasons as metaphors for life.
They're ever changing, beautiful, challenging and full of grace.
Instead of seeing them as an endless, repetitious cycle, I am trying to capture this beauty in them. Almost the same way I try to capture the beauty in my own life.
The beauty in the mess:
a pile of unfolded laundry, but the nostalgic smell of clean sheets;
the cold sharp sting of winter, but the cosy weight of woolen blankets to bury under;
the sniffles, and red noses of the little people, but the extra affection, and cosy cuddles.

And then the season of an emerging toddler.
The trying, testing season of no,no,no mum!'s and an aversion to daytime sleeps for the pure test of her control;
but the delight of watching new words and sentences formed, relationships with her siblings blossom, and her new fascination with hair "piggies" and "pretties".
And trips taken without the pram, and the goodbye forever to dummies.

Winter lately :: a season of resting in Him, trusting He knows what He is doing, and praying for the faith I lack.
A season of pruning back, stepping up, and always, always learning...

Learning to truly live at my capacity, and not just a small percentage of it.
Learning effective methods to encourage the 6 year old in the house to keep his room clean. (ranting and raving? Not so effective!)
Learning to leave the dirty dishes for a moment and read a story to the four year old craving a cuddle.
Learning new ways to spend time with Him, outside the "usual" and too comfortable.
Learning (forever) the workings of the husband-mind, and to relinquish control in our relationship.
Learning boldness. I won't be timid regarding my faith.

And in every season
"Just as you cannot understand the path of the wind or the mystery of a tiny baby growing in its mother’s womb, so you cannot understand the activity of God, who does all things." {Ecc 11:5}<\center>

Winter lately :: camomile tea, mint (the herb and the colour!), boot socks, warm scarves, and a quiet soul...

I hope you are staying warm - inside and out!



  1. Beautiful and comforting words Em.
    Our 'winter' season has been incredible trying and reading your words on lookin for the good in the mundane has encouraged me to look harder at the good and appreciate and thank God for it.
    Thanks babe xxxx

    1. Thank YOU always for your beautiful words of encouragement as always! xxx

  2. I love this Em. Especially as our family is about to enter a new season. I am encouraged by your words.

    PS - don't despair. 6 year olds aren't really capable of keeping their rooms clean. But soon that 6 will be 8 and then you'll have more success! xo

    1. That comment actually brought me a bit of freedom Jo... I am probably expecting too much from him in a lot of ways... revelation! Thank you! And I have been praying for you. I know it's a new season but I'm sure you'll find God in a new way through the journey too xxxx

  3. what an encouraging reminder to see the beauty in our everydays. One of my favourite smells is clean washing. It truly makes me go ahhh.

    1. Oh me too, me too! There's nothing like it! xxx

  4. Love your post, perfect ally written. I feel like God is always giving us opportunity to grow, I'm terrible with transitions but they are becoming bittersweet to me now because I see God moving and growing me the most in them! Lately I too am learning to become more of a Mary (sitting at Jesus feet enjoying the blessing in the moments) and fighting being so much of a martha(missing the beauty being too busy getting "things done")... Thankfully he is a patient and understanding Father, I'm a slow learner!!

  5. Thank you lovely! I am a slow learner most of the time too ;)

  6. Love all of this :-) encouraging and motivating yet relieving and refreshing - knowing others are on the same road :-) unfortunately after one week we are losing the dummy battle - tonsillitis and unsettled nights have brought it back a little


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