Monday, June 4, 2012

long weekend love

Seeing the change of season; reds, oranges and yellow leaves everywhere,
snuggling up warm next to the old stove, collecting eggs (and then cooking them for brunch), climbing trees, walking and admiring growth of fruit trees, and herbs;
watching the littles love this place, as if not a day has passed since their last visit.
Coffee, and reading, in the park; crochet and tea at home.
Best of all, being with them.
My parents.
They don't get tired of hearing every last detail of my life,
or how awesome my kids are (they totally agree).
They make me tea, and toast in bed,
they love me and my kids more than I deserve.



  1. This is just a beautiful post!! Love that you love your parents so much and hearing how they love you too!!!! And love the pics - but especially loving those boots ;-)

    1. Oh thank you Chels! They really are great people - and I've reeeeaally missed them lately!
      Good for the soul. As are comfy, pretty boots ;) xx

  2. OH EM! I am totes coming with you to visit when I come home! How devine! xxxxx


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