Monday, June 25, 2012

learning from Bear

Winter has been bringing out the bookworm in me. That and a laziness for crafting (it's too cold, and I've just finished two rather large crochet projects and need a break!).
I'm glad the bookworm is back. I had missed her, in all this child-raising, house-cleaning, sewing and crafting.
I spent a blissful afternoon yesterday reading away in my corner of the couch, whilst the man watched the footy on tv, and the kids loved that we were both sitting still, and played around us (and generally made a big mess in the lounge room). It was cosy, and warm. 
And Bear Grylls' autobiography had me captivated.

So easy to read, I can almost hear him speaking to me, in his British accent!
He writes easily of his family, his early years, and days at boarding school. His discovery of what he liked, who he was, and his Christian faith.

What struck me more than any of that, though, is the sheer determination he carries within.
When talking about his thoughts about attempting Selection for the SAS (recognised as the most elite Special Forces fighting unit in the world) he writes, "I knew I should at least attempt Selection. If I failed, well at least I would fail whilst trying. Face down in the dirt. Knowing that I had given it my all."

He was determined. He listened to the voice inside, even if it meant going against what his friends were doing, or what was cool or popular at the time. This made him quirky, and different - but it also made him one of the youngest second dan black belts in karate in the country. His determination, and willingness to just try paid off.
"But I had a dream, and that always makes people dangerous. 
Dreams though, are cheap, and the real task comes when you start putting in place the steps needed  to make those dreams a reality."

It made me think.

I am generally not a tryer.
I need a lot of pushing to make a move.
I am a dreamer - and I have a lot of those! But in reality, most of those are not going to come to fruition without hard work, and sacrifice.
How much do I want them?
How sure am I, that that is what I should be doing?
How much time am I wasting on things that fill the silence, but have no real value?

Psalm 128 tells me I'll enjoy the fruit of my labor. "How joyful and prosperous you will be!"
Labour is not easy. Obviously. 
But it's fruit is one we'll enjoy.
Makes me think of childbirth; a crazy amount of pain, but how worth it, for the baby you then hold in your arms?!

I need to try. I need to kick the complacency in my life to the curb.

"All hard work brings a profit..." Proverbs 14:23
Which means that, you know what? Even if I fail whilst trying, it will still be profitable to me, if I've worked hard. Whether by material gain, or wisdom, or spiritual growth. All hard work brings a profit.

Thanks Bear.



  1. Bear did a talk at our church and it was fab - inspiring! Feels like winter here although meant to be summer! x

  2. Now I want to read that book even more! Thx

  3. Thanks Em. My dream is to work part-time and paint part-time (with it hopefully becoming a full-time gig one day). I need to stop dreaming though and make a plan and run with it. Pxo

  4. I am inspired by your take of the Bear Grylls book. I am having a bookwormish season myself, which I wrote about just today in my post! I will have to check out his book too. Biographies and autobiographies are my favourite kind of books...especially Christian ones!

  5. my hubby read this book and also found it so inspiring. i bought a kids version of the autobiography for my son to read. i am also a dreamer and v idealistic but not sich a doer although i have been working on this over the years- and i think with mothering i have become a better doer. beautiful blog, glad i visited. warmly, skye


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