Thursday, June 14, 2012

creative space

crocheting a blanket for a new niece or nephew due next month
(I spent a fortune on the beautiful cashmere blend yarn, and it is so lovely to work with)

baking too many winter goodies
thermomix gingernut cookies being our favourite

putting my DSLR on manual, and taking a half-decent picture

rearranging kitchen shelves with new-to-me vintage cannisters taking pride of place
(the result of my dad having a rummage through his shed, when I visited)

and finally, a bare wall on my kitchen filled, with just the right shelving
thank you pinterest

brackets from Bunnings
vintage books (in two different sizes) resting on top
= the perfect shelving for my tea jars, above my kettle in the kitchen

(note: this picture was not one of the half decent ones!)

what have you been creating lately?
for more inspiration, check out here


  1. that is the most beautiful thing! well done!

  2. I spied your beautiful cannisters on IG and I must say they are totally swoon worthy. Your dad has such great vintage taste!
    Loving this little shelf too :)
    There's a little bit of baby knitting going on here, I'm expecting a nephew in August...Squeal!

  3. So beautiful - nice work. Sarann xx

  4. very cute and creative! I love the shelves! :)

  5. Ooh these are your yellow tea cups! LOVE. I'm looking forward to settling into my new kitchen and setting up a version of your pinterest inspired tea shelves.

  6. Gorgeous shelves! I love the idea of the books being used!

  7. those shelves are so sweet....yay for pinterest

  8. Great idea with the vintage book shelves. Love fresh but vintage decor!


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