Tuesday, May 29, 2012

{home made} hidden veggie pizza sauce

Home made pizzas are a regular occurrence in this household.
They are a quick go-to when fresh produce is low, or for an easy weekend dinner. And a guaranteed eat for my three fussy eaters!
But the guilt of those three fussy eaters not consuming any veggies weighed on my mind. They pick everything with nutritional value off. How could i hide goodness in their pizzas?!

In the sauce!
I googled, and nothing grabbed my attention.
So I grabbed a pile of veggies, and my trusty thermomix.

And in it all went. I filled the bowl with an onion, some garlic, three courgettes, a bunch of spinach, a couple of carrots, four small tomatoes, and a handful of herbs from the garden: rosemary, thyme, basil and parsley.
I whizzed it all for about 20 seconds on speed 10, added a tin of chopped tomatoes, a couple of big dollops of tomato paste, and some salt and pepper.

And crossed my fingers, as I set it to cook (Varoma temp, on stirring, for 20 minutes).

And guess what?
I think it actually tastes like pizza sauce! Yippee!

It's not as red as I would have liked, but with all that spinach, it's still quite a nice robust colour!

Over the home made pizza dough it went, along with the usual ham, salami and cheese (told you they were fussy!)

The colour is well hidden, and looks a bit like the store bought stuff, after it's been cooked!

And guess what? It passed the fuss-pot test!
All three gobbled up their pizzas (okay, some of baby A's ended up on the floor, but not as much as I thought) none the wiser to the veggie goodness they were consuming.
Not to mention less all the added salt, and preservatives in the store-bought pizza sauce.

Now we can have pizza nights slightly more guilt free ;)

And it would be just as easy to cook up all the veg in a sturdy pot, and whiz with a hand mixer, if you don't have a super super kitchen machine!


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