Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Sitting with a friend last week, at the park, while watching our (six in all) children play. 
Friendship, and the hot flask of coffee warming us from the inside out.
A conversation about gratitude.
The start of some shifting, and shaking inside my heart, my spirit.
this, in particular this statement, by Steven Furtick:

"You woke up this morning. Someone else didn’t. They thought they would, but they didn’t."

A week of being thankful. Eyes opened, to the obvious loves that grace my life. 
Bridling complaint, negativity.

Finding Ann Voskamp's "One Thousand Gifts".
{you can read the first chapter here :: be warned, stock some tissues before you start!}
And discovering that I can slow down enough to count my own gifts.
I can look up from the dishes adorning the kitchen bench, or the mountain of clean laundry hiding the couch beneath it; look up from the worry of debt, a broken car, and beds unmade, and see. Really see

"...the faithful, to whom He has given eyes, sees sparks of his glory, as it were, glittering in every created thing" - John Calvin

It's all there for us to discover. 
And I have always been a believer in finding joy in the little things, living in the moment and capturing the "pretty", but there's joy in the messy, the crazy, and the dirty of my life too. Sparks of His glory.

So. I am counting gifts. And seeing as gifts those things I wouldn't usually.

The gift of that broken car, meant I could surprise my three smalls with a bus adventure. Seeing the joy on their faces, especially Baby A, as they rode the bus was unreal. Thankful. Really.

I encourage you to get your hands on a copy of Ann's book, if you haven't already (I am very slow here to jump on the bandwagon!)



  1. love this!!!
    just tackling the dishes and the pile of clean washing covering my couch when I read this......
    ahh gratitude - it brings so much life :-) breathing it in!!!
    thanks for the post
    and ps. nice to see to you and your gorgeous little fam this morning!! wished I could stop and snap you all with my camera to capture the moment for you!!

  2. I so so love that is the book I have gifted the most ....such a deep and moving book that certainly does prompt to be grateful. so glad you have had some grateful moments to light your world.

  3. Beautiful! Love Calvin but hadn't heard this quote, am texting it to a lovely friend who shares my love of joy in small things right now. Inspired to read this book! Thankyou :)


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