Wednesday, April 11, 2012

the swan bells

I usually leave the fun outings for the grandparents.
I work myself up into thinking it's just too hard, too far, too long and it's just easier not to.

However, a combination of school holidays, renewed determination to live in the moment, and an opportunity to have just a "big kids" [no babies] adventure, found this super-fun (ha!) mama taking a trip to the city.

My parents have brainwashed my kids into thinking the Perth Bell Tower is the most fun place on the planet to visit. They chose to go there over a plethora of other exciting, and fun options I gave them.

So go we did.

And it wasn't too hard, or too far - and it was just long enough.
A gorgeous day, Perth weather put on a stunning autumn display, and I rediscovered my city, through the eyes of my kids.

The handsome dude waiting at our local train station. 

Miss E didn't once ask "Are we there yet?"!

We can see the Bell Tower!

Our city, from the Bell Tower.

Ringing the bells! Oh so attractive...
Checking out the scenery

Trying to get the speedy Mr J in the reflection too

The Supreme Court Gardens

Mr J's photo of the train home

Yay for holidays!



  1. yay for holidays as well - and for a fun mummy x

  2. It's easy to forget that our little ones enjoy the simple things just as much as we do :)
    You have captured your day beautifully.

  3. looks like you all loved it, what great pics

  4. Gorgeous pics :-) memories made and captured so well!! Yay yay yay for holidays!! I think they are as much for us as the kiddies 😉

  5. beautiful photos! I have to agree, I have the same mentality sometimes and am trying to be more like you in jumping in and not thinking too much, other than enjoying myself. I tagged you over at my place if you feel like joining in x

  6. Great shots
    We lived there for 8 years and I never got to the bell tower (or Rottnest)
    I see it as a reason to go back!
    My kids always love the train/bus/tram trip part of the excursion best


I love that you visited, and love LOVE that you took time to say hello!