Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Almost two weeks now of a somebody in this household being sick with a yukky viral bug causing nausea, tummy cramps, and vomiting.

There has been almost nothing more than sitting and cuddling somebody.

Or, wanting to be cuddled by somebody over the weekend when it was my turn to feel like I was dying.

Looking forward to ::

A healthy household, renewed energy and the relief that will come with this being over

Being able to enjoy our holidays after a busy first term

A mid-school-holiday camping trip with friends and their kidlets

Some time spent with a very missed husband and daddy, after his time away fishing - and hopefully a date night soon too!

Isn't hope such a lovely thing, in such yukky circumstances?



  1. hope and lemonade got me through our few weeks of sickness bugs! How strange that we are poles apart and still seem to have had the same vile bug! happy Easter to all of you xx

  2. hope you have an enlightening Easter weekend and a happy healthy holiday with your gorgeous fam :) ox


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