Sunday, April 29, 2012

happy sunday


and counting gifts, here and there...

{autumn showing her loveliness in yellows and oranges,
and for walks to the park to notice, and collect such loveliness}

{for birthday girls with new bicycles that can keep up with big brothers;
 and riding the school-run in my gumboots}

{for cinnamon scrolls that have graced our afternoon tea time on more than one occasion this week - they are just too easy, delicious, and they smell amazing as they bake!} 

{for a moving Anzac Day Parade, a bus adventure, and ice-cream}

{and Anzac biscuits... and all the men & women who invested in our land of freedom}


And joining up here:



  1. i love that you bike in gummies

  2. Love all your lovely yellow things and i knoe why! I missed out on snap it Wednesday too. Let's commiserate. P.S. Love your blog


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