Friday, April 13, 2012


Tahnee (@milkpleasemum) is a lovely lady I "met" on Instagram. And today she tagged me over at her gorgeous blog to answer some favourites questions, and am totes going to do it (I'm not fifteen I promise, ha!).

I am usually a fairly solitary blogger... I haven't done any "woohoo I reached X-amount of followers" giveaways, and I don't link up with other blogs all that often (I have great intentions but to be totally honest, I usually don't remember what day of the week I'm supposed to link up, and when I do remember its too late!).
And, while I did start blogging just to write, and to inspire myself out of my writing slump, I agree with Tahnee: It would be pretty lonely if no one came to visit!

So a BIG thank you to all who do, and who leave some love every now and again, you are awesome!

So, the favourites ::

colour :: duck-egg blue, of course! I have also had a recent love-affair with yellow, and I love green! Just a big fan of colour in general!

animal :: I'm not really an animal person, truthfully, but I am starting to look forward to the day our little family gets a dog... I feel like I am almost ready, now that we're out of the deep dark tunnel of babies and no sleep!

non-alcoholic drink :: Tea! Twinings English Breakfast to be precise.

Facebook or twitter :: Instagram! Hands down my favourite social media.

getting or giving :: giving! (although I wouldn't turn my nose up at getting either!)

flower :: frangipani

pattern :: vintage florals make my heart flutter

passion :: God

number :: five - the number of people in my beautiful little family!

I invite you all to play along... let me know if you do and I will come and have a gander!



I love that you visited, and love LOVE that you took time to say hello!