Tuesday, March 13, 2012


There has been ::

...a fringe again!
(probably going to regret that again in 2.5 weeks, but it makes a nice change)

...some cool teasers to get us longing for real autumn weather; the nights are cooling down a little, but we still have to get through a few days with temperatures soaring to the almost-40-degree mark.
Evenings spent poolside with friends make it a lot more bearable!
{please excuse horrible phone photos today!}

... a trip to visit this lovely lass - surprise!
More days with friends and our cuties hanging out together!

... a celebration birthday {with funky photobooth} for an amazing woman, my Pastor, my mentor. 
Blessed to have her, and her wisdom and grace in my world.
Blessed to have these girls too.

... inspiration. Vintage-inspired florals have got me itching, itching to get behind the sewing machine...

... but probably not until after this weekend.
Looking forward to our combined Youth/Young Adults BBQ & hangout this Friday night
{we're changing the world, you know}
And Sunday night.
Church - but not as you know it...

Exciting times. 



  1. beautiful photos - love the fringe! I keep toying with the idea of one, but never bring myself to do it!

  2. You rock a fringe Em...I love it!

  3. fringe looks fab and so my sort of church - omg love it!

  4. fabric makes me excited too :)


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