Saturday, February 25, 2012

{peddle peddle peddle!}

We've taken to bike riding as a family, during the last few weeks of summer. In the cooler mornings, or evenings when the sea breeze is in and the sky orangey
Baby A relaxes in style on the back of her daddy's bike.
Mr J zooms ahead, as far as he can, and waits for us at each intersection.
While Miss E and I follow along. Meandering almost.
She rarely looks where she's going, and those little three-year-old legs don't stop peddling, so I have to keep a sharp eye on her. Today's expedition found her riding straight down the curb, whilst watching another rider going in the opposite direction; or watching how fast her feet were going around and around instead of looking ahead; or holding on to a feather with one hand and trying to steer straight.
In the end, the way home found me riding one-handed, and pulling her along with her handlebars so that she could keep up, and my ears could have a break from her endless whine, "It's toooo faaarrrr!"

And I was thinking, all this time, about how life can be likened to a bicycle ride. Apparently I am not the first to think so. Old Albert agreed.

And I can be much like Miss E.
Too often I am watching someone else ride too closely, that I risk falling off my own bicycle. 
That whole joy stealer comparison can have me even wondering why their bike is more shiny or seems to peddle so much more smoothly than mine. Why do they get to ride down the hill, when I am dying here, trying to peddle up?!
Sometimes I too am watching my feet, admiring how fast they are going, not realising I'm riding precariously close to the edge.

Or I am determined to hold onto something that isn't necessary for the journey, and it's crippling the way I ride, making me wobbly and finding it hard to stay on track...

And sometimes, like a three year old, I need someone to remind me - a quick shout from a friend; "Watch where you're going, look ahead!" is enough.
Other times, I've needed someone to hold onto my handlebars and pull me along when my legs are so tired or it just seems like too long until I get home.

I've let small distractions creep in. I have looked to the left, and the right.
This was a timely reminder, that the Still Small Voice used to whisper: "Watch where you're going, stay on track"

And always the encouragement, 
"You can do it!"

You can, too. Keep peddling.



  1. You have put that fabulously....peddling is the only way to keep going forward, whether it be up hill or down. x

    1. The analogies are neverending! :) xx


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