Monday, February 6, 2012

{basil pesto} yummo!

My basil is a mini forest.*

*Insert smug green-thumbed grin here.

(I will not mention my parsley, or the oregano which just WILL NOT grow. Sigh)

Back to basil. 
It smells divine, I have masses of it, I have been using it like crazy, and still it grows.
I think my green-thumbed super amazing home-maker friend suggested making pesto.
A pinterest/google/Taste search resulted in a bunch of similar recipes...

Here's what I did (in my super duper kitchen machine, Mr Thermomix, also known as McSteamy) but all you need is a food processor...

{Basil Pesto}

2 cups fresh basil leaves
1 cup pine nuts (or more, I only had one cup)
1 clove of garlic 
(or to your taste, some recipes ask for two, but I didn't want the garlic taste to overpower the basil)
Roughly 60 grams of parmesan (I used the pre-grated stuff, but if you have a super duper kitchen machine like I do, you can grate it in that!)
1/2 cup of olive oil.

Process the basil, pine nuts and garlic together until combined nicely.
Mix through your parmesan thoroughly. Add salt and pepper if you like (I didn't).
Then, as your processor or thermomix is mixing your ingredients, pour in your olive oil. I don't think I used quite half a cup.
If you are planning on keeping it for a while, use extra oil.

It won't last long, I promise you!
It is delicious, and obviously the recipe can be tweaked to your own taste.

My favourite for an easy summer dinner is stirring this yummy pesto through some pasta, with shredded chicken and cherry tomatoes. Yum!



  1. Now I can grow parsley for an army but basil has no success with me! How strange but looks yummy x

  2. Mmm. That sounds divine. I've been meaning to try to make pesto for awhile.. maybe this will inspire me! My basil is a little fragile yet. My parsley was wonderful but has gone to seed - as has my mint... autumn will be my gardening time! Roll on March!

  3. so glad I saw this before shopping day :)


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