Tuesday, January 24, 2012


As walked into my kid's bedroom (5 year old J and 3 year old E share) last week, the floor was covered with Lego. Again.
All the dolls were out, and were scattered about in various places. Again. Not to mention about three dolly prams.
The play kitchen was full to overflowing with teacups and saucers and plenty of things that didn't even belong there; like many other toys after Christmas, hadn't found homes in organised places.
And I felt my blood boil. Again.
I could barely move without stepping on something, only parts of the floor could be seen AND this was after only a few hours of being awake, despite being tidied the night before. It was chaos.

My attachment to things with sentimental value (sentimental in the way that I would think "Oh, Granny bought that for Joel for his 4th birthday" - not really sentimental!) was beginning to show, and I knew I needed to do something drastic. 
I CAN NOT start a school year with this much chaos. 
And I know the proven reality of how material things can weigh you down emotionally... This stuff is weighing me down!

So I got ruthless, I did!
I spent last week donating, throwing, re-organising, throwing, chucking, and more throwing! Our bins were full, and I filled up many an op shop bin, and blessed some friends' children with toys mine no longer play with.

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I can see the floor!

It feels SO. GOOD.

So far, the floor has been clear (other than the Lego playing, but that gets packed away at the end of each day) for a week. 
Smug hat is on, people! I found the secret!

Here's to a year of less hoarding, and more and simplifying.



  1. I so hear what you are saying Em, truly I do but I haven't yet found the courage to be as ruthless as I know I should and want to be. I know a MAJOR declutter is on the cards...especially when I start feeling bogged down in my mind, maybe I'll come back from Brisbane with a clearer head ready to tackle it all :)

  2. I desperately need to do that! We're drowning in stuff and it's making me so cranky! Next week: total clearout... Now to harden my heart!

  3. It is such a freeing thing to do...just needs to take some convictions so good for you following through.

  4. I love to de-clutter, it is so liberating! I'm doing that gradually here, but it's hard to let go of some stuff, I have in the back of my mind that one day someone might need it! Maybe the secret is having a smaller place so there's nowhere to put new stuff :)


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