Friday, January 13, 2012


1. Chantelle's January challenge - a photo a day with purpose.
Some of the above are from there: breakfast, daily routine, adore... it's fun, makes me think out of the box, and inspires me to notice the mundane.

2. Miss A. Almost 18 months. Fed herself Coco Pops this morning. I'm loving her words! Car, dog, mummy, daddy, more, up, down, no (of course!), shoes, ta, aaaallll her little friends names (Lulu for Lucy! Adorable!). She's growing right before my eyes!

3. School holidays! 
Mr J has almost finished a week of swimming lessons, with one more to go. Loving lazy mornings by the pool with all the gorgeous mama friends in my world!

4. Spontaneity. A mini road trip with a couple of besties, beginning in about half an hour. We are going to thrift our little hearts out, yes we are! One night away, two days on the road. Looking forward to the treasures we may find, but already thankful for the treasure I have in each of their friendships.


Looking forward to a year of purposeful gratitude. 

Linking up with Paisley Jade when I should really be packing an overnight bag!



  1. Don't they grow up fast? She's adorable :)

  2. Your pictures are like taking a step back into times when things were much simpler. So inviting and refreshing. Enjoy your trip! What a blessing :)

  3. enjoy your road trip :)

    that cuppa does look good too!!

  4. Cute post!!! Have fun with your besties- sounds like a much needed time away together! Happy Weekend!

  5. isn't the practice of gratitude a heart-warming one. Your world is very beautiful x


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