Saturday, January 7, 2012


Our holidays as a family remind me of my own, growing up.
We usually head south, this time just over an hour's drive.

We stayed at a beach house.

Watching my husband pushing Mr J onto waves on his board reminded me of my own dad, teaching me to surf, yelling "Stand up, stand up!"
I was so proud of him, out in the waves, laughing even, as they crashed over him!

We drove along the sand for miles, watching the ocean.
We built sandcastles, ate junk food, swam, and fished.
I lazed around and finished a book (yay! first book for the year!).

It was only two nights, but enough to feel holidayed!

Because a family who plays together, stays together.


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  1. We have two weeks off together starting tomorrow and we are going away for three nights camping. We plan to play together a lot!!! Love holidays. Love creating memories. Glad you had a nice time. How did miss one sleep??


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