Tuesday, January 17, 2012

her thrifting adventures

So I mentioned briefly on Friday that I was heading south for a little adventure!

It's something my friend Tammi and I had been talking about for the longest time, and when I saw her during the week we spontaneously decided to just GO. Another bestie jumped on board and plans were underway.
I wasn't actually sure until the night before whether the husband would even actually be able to stay home from work, but thankfully it all worked in our favour. 
The husbands were more than happy for us to make a break for it!

So we packed our overnight bags, and with excitement and expectancy hit the road!

1. Karri forest, somewhere between Bridgetown and Denmark. 2. Tea stop. 3. Christening gorgeous yellow Johnson teacups on a vintage tablecloth in a cute little motel room. 4. The travel bag, and Mollie Makes mag to browse on the way. 5. A cute little (unfortunately!) closed down oppy. 4. One of my favourite second-hand stores in Bridgetown, my parent's hometown.

Tammi, a rather new West Aussie, hadn't seen the south west of our state. 
I loved seeing a place I spent much of my childhood, through her eyes.

I loved the dynamic of three cruisy, placid, easy-going personalities - being able to get lost in my own thoughts along the way was quite the novelty. I think their mama's brains appreciated the break too!

I loved treasure hunting with those two, loved that there was no competition, loved being able to be happy for eachother's finds, and sharing (in particular, splitting up gorgeous vintage floral fabric, and tea sets, so that we could each take some of the prettiness home!).

Loved that we found so much goodness. Especially of the yellow variety, which we are all rather partial to right now!

Loved Tammi's delicious packed lunch of cold chicken, avocado and cherry tomatoes, eaten on the grass, under the shade. Loved our tea breaks on the side of the road (Albany is a LONG WAY folks!).

Just loved! 
Definitely an adventure I'll be repeating!



  1. Sounds lovely. Would love to do something like that one day!!!

  2. how beautiful! have loved your photos on instagram. you're so inspiring and the friendships/opping combination is up there with one of my most favourite things ever. so much love!

  3. I loved sharing the experience with you both...it was so much fun and something we definitely have to do again :)

  4. Oh I so so very much loved it!! Can we please do it again tomorrow already?!!! Had a ball and you two are such a delight to be with- here's to Her Thrifting Adventures -Part 2:-D xxxx

  5. Oh wow! How much fun! I'd love to do something like that, even by myself! Fun times!

  6. this is SO awesome!! got to love a summer op shop road trip... seriously all of the best things ever! you will have to show us all your finds!

    Kel x

    p.s - thanks for signing up to the sheet swap! looking forward to seeing what you create with your new FQs!


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