Sunday, January 29, 2012

going dottie

Hello. My name is Em, and I have gone 29 days without buying retail.

It's the Dottie Angel challenge, which I have mentioned (whispered!) quietly before, so quietly in the hopes that no one reads, or takes into account, that this challenge is indeed something I have decided to undertake.
In case I fail miserably!

At the end of last year I set myself a goal of 40 days. A fast. No buying, for 40 days. It turns out, people, that forty days is a rather long time! It made me ridiculously aware of just how blasé I can be, about spending, and purchasing and wanting, and all that other materialism junk.

And when I mentioned this little fast of mine to a friend, she shared with me how she is doing Tif's Dottie Angel challenge.
I thought about it increasingly, until it was that I just decided I should give it a go.
I determined to start at the beginning of the year.
And I did.

"i shall sally forth, for one year becoming a handcrafted, thrifty mama... who will try very hard to get creative with her wardrobe and her home" - Tif

I honestly don't know if I will last the year through. I do doubt it.
But when I do feel like I have conquered that "wanting, spending, materialistic" part of me, then I will stop.
I want to be made keenly aware of unnecessary spending.
Buying just because it's "nice to have", or on a whim without putting much thought and dealing with buyer's remorse later, are a couple of things I want to put an end to.
For me, it's just about thinking.
And getting creative with wardrobe and home.
And not letting those little gods of materialism have a place.

So I have gone 29 long days with no new clothes.
It may not seem like long, but it feels like forever!
Thank God for a "sister" who let me come and raid her wardrobe, and find many a pretty thing to borrow! And a couple of amazing "new to me" finds at a garage sale that I squealed over all the way home!

“And why worry about your clothing? Look at the lilies of the field and how they grow. They don’t work or make their clothing, yet Solomon in all his glory was not dressed as beautifully as they are." {Matthew 6:28, 29}

Refusing to worry. There are much more important things in my life than what I own.

But I am telling you... This challenge? It's not easy! But then, things that are good for you are rarely easy...



  1. You are so gonna nail this challenge :)
    And you know what, it's okay to slip by the wayside proud of the fact that you have given it an honest go.
    I love that a challenge of this kind really makes one think on a whole new level about what we spend.
    Cheering you on Em.


  2. Congrats....wishing you the stamina to reach your goals and have fun doing it along the way. x

  3. I am having the same challenge over here. I have only brought some of my fav clothes with me and I am determined to NOT spend money and save {being a student and everything} :) I was convicted that I too, spend too much money on materialistic junk. Because it "looks nice". So, I am determined to save rather than spend and be in a waaaay better financial position going into Twenty Thirteen. Eeek! I feel you, it's hard! I am learning to be content. With you all the way, baby! xxxxxx

  4. Ha! Hilarious because im about to post an update on MY Dottie Angel challenge. Love that you're keen as! It's a good challenge!


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