Tuesday, January 31, 2012

a birthday on a hill

I spent the weekend at one of my favourite places in the world - my parent's place; the caravan on top of a hill in our gorgeous south west.

Happy 50th birthday, sweet daddy of mine!
(Pictured here with my gorgeous mama, and my cutie girl!)

Loved celebrating who he is to so many.
A loyal friend (his best mates are none other than those same boys he played with in his pre-teens - now THAT is friendship!), a favourite Uncle, a perfect son (no kidding, his nickname is Peter Perfect by his brother & sister), a big brother, an amazing husband and father; father-in-law, and, most importantly (to me and mine!) a Grandpop (Baby A adorably calls him "Pop Pop") to my children.

It's ironic, on this lifelong journey of self-discovery, I have already discovered I am so much like him.
I love other people's observations about him, and recognising parts of me.

The pensive, laid back, placid me was definitely his doing.
His genes, or his example, or a combination of the two.
It's an honour to have both.



  1. What a wonderful guy he sounds like!

    Happy Birthday Em's dad!!

    rachel xo


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